Maintenance and Safety

Maintenance, Certification and Safety from Newcastle Fire

Fires could be very destructive and may result to a great loss of properties, businesses and worst, lives. Reducing the risk of damage and saving lives should be one of the priorities when fire accident like fire happens.

But fires do not limit themselves to natural places like forest fires or urban-trade areas like commercial buildings. It could happen anywhere so getting yourself a fire safety system matters much.

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Saving Lives and Properties through Fire Safety Systems

Fire can be classified as:

  • Class A—Fires that involve common combustibles like paper, textiles, wood, most plastics and rubber which are common in typical commercial and home settings.
  • Class B—Fires that involve flammable liquids like solvents, oils, gasoline, paint, lacquers, and other oil-based products. These fires often spread rapidly and can re-flash after the flames are extinguished.
  • Class C—Fires that involve flammable gases like butane, methane and ethylene which can be explosive when mixed with air in the right proportions.
  • Class D—Fires that involve combustible metals like magnesium and sodium. These fires are unique industrial hazards that require special dry powder agents to extinguish.
  • Class E—Fires that involve electrically energised equipment such as wiring, controls, motors, data processing panels, or appliances. They can be caused by a spark, power surge, or short circuit and typically occur in locations that are difficult to reach and see.
  • Class F—Fires that involve combustible cooking oils and grease commonly found in commercial kitchens. These are extremely hot fires that can re-flash and they require a special wet chemical-extinguishing agent to suppress or extinguish.

For any fire emergency, it is very important to make sure that fire safety systems function properly. There should always be on-going maintenance schedules to maintain your units fully functional. Doing some maintenance on your own to save money might expose you to a more severe damage and losses. If maintenance processes are not done enough, then your fire safety systems could malfunction during an emergency.

AS-Compliant Maintenance and Safety Requirements

Newcastle Fire abides by the specific Australian Standard requirements for testing and inspecting of fire safety equipment. We have our trained service personnel who carry out service tasks to ensure safety and well-maintained equipment and that your fire safety equipment stand ready to work properly.

We offer a complete range of service related to fire protection systems. We assure that our services are fully compliant with the national standards and safety requirements. This includes AS-1851, which specifies the importance of having your fire extinguishers inspected, maintained and refilled when necessary.

Newcastle Fire services include:

  • Fire extinguisher sales, services and recharging
  • Fire extinguisher installation services
  • Fire extinguisher training and demonstration
  • Fire checks and fire safety statements

We are accredited fire practitioners under the Fire Protection Association of Australia. For more information, please call our service people and we will be happy to assist you.