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newcastle fireAbout Newcastle Fire

Warm temperatures, high humidity, and hot summers characterise Newcastle climate. Bush fires are a regular occurrence in the region.

Fires are, therefore, a major source of concern for residents in the area. But bush fires are not the only kinds of fires needing concern from many residential and commercial property owners in Newcastle.

Other types of outdoor fires and indoor fires, too, are just as capable of causing property damage as bush fires. These fires may also come with unique factors, making them harder to extinguish with just plain water.

Who We Are

Newcastle Fire is a company with a mission as we are aware that fires are capable of causing great property damage. We are just as invested as our clients in preventing unwanted fires. Not all fires ignite for the same reasons. Therefore, Newcastle Fire offers a fire extinguisher service designed to tackle various types of fire threats.

Having the right fire extinguishers for the job makes a great difference. Some of the benefits are:

  • Equipping property premises with proper fire extinguishers fit for the location.
  • Reducing of risk of extensive property damage.

Here at Newcastle Fire, we stock a variety of fire extinguishers, ranging from water to dry powder fire extinguishers. Our service includes providing your property with the right number of fire extinguishers and proper type.

We Put your Fire Concerns at Ease

With our fire extinguisher service, Newcastle Fire will put your fire concerns at ease. Fire threat outfitting with our company is a careful process which involves:

  1. Looking at your premises to properly assess your fire extinguishing needs,
  2. Fitting our available fire extinguishers to your habits and activities.
  3. Installation of fire extinguishers by skilled tradesmen at crucial areas.
  4. Should it be necessary, our team is also willing to demonstrate proper use of the installed fire extinguishers.

With Newcastle Fire, clients can find fire extinguishing solutions that can control any unwanted fire. Our experience in the business informs our policies and methods.

For further information about our fire extinguisher services, feel free to contact Newcastle Fire and submit your inquiry.

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