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Fire extinguishers are valuable accessories in preventing and controlling unwanted fires. They become necessary equipment for various Newcastle homes and offices with the city’s high summer temperatures and exposure to bush fires. Fires come in different compositions and intensities. Knowledge about their proper handling is the best protection.

Selecting a Newcastle Fire Extinguisher

The location of and use for a fire extinguisher will determine its size and type. Portable fire extinguishers are often adequate for homes and commercial offices. Their cart-mounted and wheeled variants are more often found in industrial and construction sites.

There are six different kinds of fire extinguishers available in Australia. Out of these six, there are four which are commonly available:

  • Water (best for ordinary fires),
  • Foam (best for flammable and combustible liquids),
  • Dry powder (best for flammable liquids and gases), and
  • Carbon dioxide (best for electrical equipment) fire extinguishers.

Each type has its own fire suitability and vulnerability, so pay attention to these limitations before purchase.

Effective Use of a Newcastle Fire Extinguisher

Proper training is required to use fire extinguishers safely. Newcastle Fire extinguishers come with demonstrations of their proper use to ensure fire safety.

In addition, below is a reminder for the event you have to use a Newcastle Fire extinguisher.

Dealing with fires can be stressful and nerve-racking. Under such high-pressure situations, simple instructions work best. Using a fire extinguisher is as easy as remembering the acronym PASS.

P – Pull the pin

A – Aim at the base of the fire

S – Squeeze the handle

S – Sweep from side to side

Some other pointer to consider when putting out fires are:

  • Check that you are using the right fire extinguisher.
  • Keep an emergency exit behind you and away from the flames.
  • Stay as close to the ground as possible, reducing the effects of any smoke or heat.
  • Retreat to your emergency exit, if the fire gets too out of control.
  • Close doors on uncontrolled fires yet making sure to leave them unlocked.

At Newcastle Fire, your fire health and safety is of utmost importance. Questions about the proper operation of our fire extinguishers will be eagerly entertained.